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Website design

Website design

Your website speaks volumes about the business you run. You can write a wealth of words to describe your experience, showcase the projects you are proud of or boast your credentials. Do you think that customers visit your website to delve into the history of your company? This is a key question but the answer is not easy. What about us teaching you think the way your customers do? Having complete this task we will go on to designing a website that will showcase your company and it will not just take the form of a grey business card that people throw away without even looking at it. Customers will enjoy visiting the website because it will speak their language.


Desktop Publishing

Contemporary consumers need information fast food to survive. But the fast food must tempt them with healthy ingredients. Therefore, the dish of the day should be easily digestible and spiced up with fresh graphics, always served in small, balanced portions. Fruitful communication must be rich in form and content, because our target customer is a gourmet hungry for information, whose appetite gets whetted by juicy graphics. If you want to perfect the way you serve information, take care of all your printed matter. Compose a quality dish and serve it to your customers the way they need it.


Graphics design projects

Graphics design projects

It is a well-known fact that the way to the customer's heart is through his stomach", but how to find the way there? How create a design that whets the customer;s appetite? Research by our INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY VISUAL CULTURE has shown that the eyes are where consumption starts. Therefore it is nearly impossible to attract a customer without appealing to his sense of sight. Commercials directors know it well so they employ gaudy graphics and vivid colours to play with viewers' emotions. People can have their own opinion on colours and their importance in marketing, but the truth is that the book is judged by the cover, or rather, the graphics on it. This is why we focus on aesthetic value while designing websites and advertising materials – we create fresh design that screams to be consumed.


Website texts

Have you ever wondered how typical Internet users behave? They are compulsive information seeker who looks for various types of content in the labyrinth of the World Wide Web. To meet their expectations, the content on your website should be useful and digestible, concise and served in an attractive way that pleases the eye and the mind. Multitude of websites means that the Internet users give texts only a once-over. Therefore, you should contact professionals who will create a website that makes the visitor stay for a bit longer.

Visual refreshing of websites


Yesterday a company website disappeared without a trace .

Age: 5 years

Last seen: Google search engine

Distinguishing marks: a bit worn, outdated, unattractive

On the day of disappearance it was wearing faded and dusted graphics and a couple of scattered words

Please help us find our website. We have made a lot of effort to care for it and we miss it a lot.

Distraught manager and personnel of XYX company

Do you have the same problem? Your website has got somewhat old or got lost in the tightly woven World Wide Web? We know that the Web has poor memory, which makes unvisited websites gather virtual dust and sink into oblivion. Don't worry, we are expert on lost websites and we have proven ways and means to bringing them back to life.


Invitation is proud to invite all Google crawlers to the opening ceremony. You will visit the nooks and crannies of the Web and see an inspiring exhibition of illustrations and then you will take part in analysing texts written in <alt> attribute. You are free to eat as much code as you wish. Admission is free of charge.

The launch of the website is an occasion to celebrate. Your customers are invited as honorary guests but all the efforts will come to nothing unless the way leading to your website is clearly shown by search engines. We know how to make all the signpost show the way to your websites because put the SEO rules to practice as early as at the design stage. We follow the latest developments and we are not afraid of new Google pets. Trust us because we always wear white hats. Let us design a website for you and let yourself be searched and found!

Multilingual websites

Multilingual websites

Well developed business communication is about the language that speaks your mind! So take your time and think what language your website speaks. Is it to the point, useful and involving, and does it speak the language of benefits? If it does, it sands a good chance of taming the customer but do you want to tame only Polish customers? If you are ready to spread your wings and shout out your URL to the world, remember to have your content neatly translated. Remember that it is easy to get tangled in the Web. Seasoned Internet users have developed reliable methods of fishing out useful content. A website that does not speak fluent language of its target audience stands no chance of noticed. But we will teach your website speak foreign languages, creating content that is appetizing in every corner of the world.

Planning the communication strategy

Communication strategy

Great masterpieces are not created by chance. They are the result of a well-planned strategy. This is why we think like military commanders and plan the battle to conquer the minds of your customers. Good strategy is key to success so we direct our combat enthusiasm to drawing the persona – a model consumer. At first we get armed with empathy to be able to recce the area and draw up an accurate roadmap that will lead in the right direction. Then we proceed to shooting long-range word and pictures of mass creation. You can trust us because we are a seasoned squadron and we always hit the target.

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